Bauma Munich 2019 |XCMG Charged into High-end Markets. 5 Models of XCMG Excavators Are Shining at Bauma Munich!

Lingering chillness in early spring in Munich on April 8 can’t damp the keen interest and enthusiasm of crowds of spectators in the International Exhibition Centre in Messestadt Riem District. Here, the most high-profiled industry event in the global construction machinery sector: Bauma Munich 2019 kicked off to much fanfare, with legions of iron giants from more than 3,400 exhibitors in 57 countries parading imposingly in the spacious exhibition hall, greeting beamingly to waves of boisterous visitors.

As a business pillar in XCMG’s empire, XCMG Excavator has stuck to its international strategy of venturing overseas, and made aggressive inroads into global high-end markets, such as Europe and the U.S. Over recent years, XCMG have seen an explosive growth in its excavator export to Europe, and made a groundbreaking success in selling its products to some European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. This year, with 5 models of brand-new excavators, XCMG shines at the Bauma Munich, Germany, demonstrating once again to the world the charms of innovative, intelligent and reliable Chinese construction equipment, and arousing strong attention and winning high praise from numerous spectators.

With streamlined lines, bright colors and eye-catchy exterior design, XE210E hydraulic excavator developed specially for European markets is equipped with an eco-friendly engine compliant with the Euro-IV emission standards, and employs XCMG’s independently developed technology of power matching electronic control, not only slashing the fuel consumption by more than 8%, but also successfully establishing its credentials as a true energy-saving and environment-friendly product. Furthermore, responding to the European market-specific demand for versatile equipment, XE210E has a pioneering intelligent control system of multifunctional implements, enabling the operator to select with a touch of a button among over 10 implement mode options to match different operating conditions.

XCMG’s excavator has reportedly won high recognition from global users in the overall performance, and is on par with its competitive products from international giants in various KPIs, including safety, lightweight, intelligence, cost-efficiency and maneuverability.

Supported by a tyred chassis, wheeled excavator can move around flexibly and smoothly, enabling it to complete an operating site change more easier and have a strong advantage in adaptability to narrow operating rooms and rough construction sites, as a result, especially being popular among its customers from densely built developed countries, such as Europe, North America and Japan. XE160W wheeled hydraulic excavator to be displayed at this year’s event is a variant of such a flexible brand-new product.

With a load sensing hydraulic system and improved power-matching technology, the excavator is easy and comfortable to operate, and has higher energy efficiency and environment-friendliness, while with constant speed cruise system, shock absorption system and wheel rim brake system, it can travel at 3-leveled speeds, giving a safer and more comfortable experience of traveling. Furthermore, besides a ROPS-certified driver cabin, XE160W is equipped with both a reverse motion imaging system and a right-side imaging system, completely eliminating blind areas to the operator, as a result, ensuring safe operation. Thanks to its outstanding attributes in safety, comfort and powerful performance, XE160W is really a high-end product.

Football goals and basketball trick shots….You must be kidding me! Can such highly challenging sport stunts be accomplished by devices? You might as well think it is unimaginable, but it is true. XCMG equipment can do it easily. Apart from taking a look at them “from afar” at the exhibition site, you can have intimate encounters with XE15E, XE35E and XE55E through interesting experience activities. Specially designed for European customers, these mini-excavators skillfully perform all kinds of graceful feats, stealing the limelight of the whole Bauma Munich area and winning waves of applauses from admiring viewers.

With a 990mm-wide upper-structure and its 620mm-long distance from the COG and the far end of balance-weights, XE15E excavator has a petite figure, and can be able to go freely to give a full play to its advantages even in narrow spaces, such as vegetable greenhouses and building basements, beating hands-down the most brawny laborers in working efficiency. To respond to needs and requirements from Europe-specific operation conditions, XE35E and XE55E are equipped with 2 standby hydraulic circuits and hydraulic quick-change pipelines, and can regulate flows of these circuits and pipelines through the electro-hydraulic proportional control handle, as a result, not only being able to select operation tools according to various working conditions, but also being able to control flows in these pipelines based on actual flow needs from tools and accurately the movements and operations of these tools. Due to these features, they are widely used in water conservancy construction, municipal engineering, landscape renovation, farmland dressing, pipe laying, and other projects, especially in suburban areas or narrow operating spaces.