XCMG Shines at Bauma 2019

Bauma 2019, one of the largest construction machinery trade fairs of the year, has officially ended earlier this month on April 14 in Munich, Germany. Over 620,000 visitors from all around the world attended this global trade show, which is the highest visitor number recorded in bauma’s exhibition history.


Being a worldwide leading Chinese construction manufacturer, XCMG brought a total of 16 products to the trade show, ranging from different road machinery such as road rollers or graders, cranes, to equipment like excavators, drilling rigs and work platforms.


As a globally-trusted engineering equipment service provider, continuously creating value for customers is the cornerstone of the company's evergreen. At bauma’s opening ceremony, XCMG and two famous European companies reached the cooperation agreement, including delivering a number of off-road tire cranes to Josef Buller Gmbh. in Russia, and NITEK in Germany putting an additional order on one of the top Chinese terrain crane, XCA100E.



One of the highlights for XCMG’s wheel loader products, the XC9 series, was presented at this year’s exhibition. The XC9 series is our new-generation loaders, focuses on “intelligent, high quality and high performance.” Each product in this series emphasizes energy-saving and environmental-friendly. XCMG proves the quality standard by meeting internationals off-road Europe V and TAF requirements of North America for all 5 of the XC9 we have produced so far.


XC938E wheel loaders equip with Euro V emission engine.


The hydraulic excavator XE210E is crowned with the name of “the king of all-rounded excavator”. Not to mention the golden-yellow of the machines’ body have caught many audiences’ eye during the exhibition, the multiple highlighted features was what truly impressed the audiences. XE210E’s new generation hydraulic system equips with an energy-saving and environment-friendly engine that meets Euro IV emissions. Together with the power matching electronic control technology developed by XCMG, the fuel consumption can be reduced by at least 8%. On top of that, XE210E has a multi-functional machine intelligent control system where the operator can select from multiple function by pressing only a button. This perfectly matches various working conditions.


XE210E, the XCMG’s king of all-rounded excavator


Flexibilities are essential for construction machineries, and the feature was well-demonstrated by our XE15E, XE35E and XE55E during the exhibition. All of these products meet Euro V emission standards, and are with a tailless design cooperates with boom swing function, which can adapt to the narrow space operation flexibly. XE15E highlights the trafficability that the length between two crawlers is only 990mm when the travel system retracts, While X35E and XE55E targets the European market needs, and consists of a set of high-pressure quick-change pipelines and two sets of flow-adjustable backup, features with their digging stability.


XE15E excavator demonstrates its’ flexibilities by shooting hoops in bauma 2019



This year’s bauma is the 10th time for XCMG entering the World’s Top construction machinery trade fair. Throughout these years, XCMG shows an evolutionary growth in participating bauma exhibition. From showing only a limited number of products in 1992, where it was the first time XCMG joined the show, to showing 50% of the physical exhibits that met European standard in 2010. Even today in 2019, the entire series of XCMG products fulfil the European standard! The progression demonstrates XCMG’s strong global research and development capabilities, and proves XCMG’s confidence in expanding their ambitions in the European and American markets.