XCMG 2m Series Milling Planer XM200KII, XM200K

Since XCMG 2m series milling planer came into the market, its high efficiency milling-planing system is immediately highly praised. The product has successively won the trust of users from China, Southeast Asia and Africa. For the various working conditions, the product has powerful milling-planing ability (the milling depth may reach as large as 320m), and it has excellent performance during large-area milling-planing construction of highways of various grades. In addition, depending on the powerful material delivery system, it also has wonderful performance in highway widening efficiency and accurate milling-planing. The flexible traveling system makes XCMG 2m milling planer “big but not clumsy”; the four types of traveling and steering control can make the product work skillfully in limited space, such as tunnel, bridge, etc.

High milling-planing efficiency 

The extremely high engine power and engine “three-revolution” intelligent control of XCMG 2m series milling planer can make the milling-planing efficiency of the complete machine largely improved, and the maximum milling depth for single side can reach 450mm. Internal famous brand is adopted for the long-tested power transmission element, which provides powerful guarantee for high efficiency and reliable construction. 

New type 18mm point width , milling drum with optimal tool arrangement, small milling-planing resistance, high construction efficiency, small abrasion of tool

Powerful material delivery system 

To ensure the maximum delivery capacity, embossed belt is adopted for XCMG 2m series milling planer, so as to prevent material overflow and dust escape. The height of belt conveyor for discharging is adjustable; 850mm- wide conveying belt improves the material delivery efficiency. Meanwhile, it can perform left-right swing for 45°, so as to adapt to the dumper with different heights and at different positions.

Flexible traveling and steering 

Hydraulic differential  is anti-slip and can realized 0-84 stepless speed change; the multi steering mode can perform four types of steering control; automatic return-central can be realized by one button; switchover between manual control and automatic control can be selected, meeting the steering requirements under various construction conditions. 

Abundant configurations 

The new type quick-change tool holder largely reduces the work intensity of changing tool and tool holder; the quick-change milling-planing chamber structure facilitates the change of milling-planing rotor with different sizes and cutter space, which can saves the time for changing milling-planing rotor. 

The vacuum dedusting system can effectively reduce the dust pollution and meet the strict environmental requirements for milling-planing construction in some areas.